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Whenever it is time for bed,
one thought drives Miriam's head:
"Please give me my favorite book!
It's the one in the back of my favorite nook!"

"Sure," says dad, "This one with the sun?
It looks pretty and pleasant and fun."
He hands it to her. "So what's it about?"
"Eh, you wouldn't like it, here's a kiss, now get out!"

For you see, dear reader, you may find this odd.
That bright happy cover 'twas but a facade!
Behind that false face its true content features
dark tales of horror and nightmarish creatures.

Miriam savored every bone-chilling thrill:
A murderous family fighting over a will;
Bathtubs that (well, I know this sounds crazy)
slowly digest any bather who's lazy;

Cannibal musicians whose xylophones
are made out of former bandmember's bones;
Curses that give you things you wanted so bad
but in such great amounts that it makes you go mad;

Being the last crew member on a ship without power
as that cluster of eyeballs doubles each hour;
Miners buried alive with their precious gold;
Girls frozen as statues then handsomely sold;

Vampires unsatisfied with one little drink;
Geeks caught by the bot that they taught to think;
Man-eating plants that continue to grow;
Puppets that take over the puppet show;

Miriam loved all of it as she was reading.
But she got to the end and the fun was now fleeting.
Now every bump in the house kept her awake
and she wished that the happy book wasn't a fake.

Then her bedroom door started to squeak.
It slowly opened... and before she could speak
Miriam threw the book at the incoming threat!
"Whoa, it's just me!" said dad. "You're not asleep yet?"

"Oh daddy!" she cried, "I'm so glad it's you!
Can I sleep in your bed, like when I was two?"
"Sure, go snuggle up with your mom.
I'm sure lullabies will make you feel calm."

Miriam said, "I love you, dad," with a relieved look.
Staying and tidying, father found a strange book.
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