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< a story about super fathers >

There once was a superhero.

He had super strength.

Super speed.

Even a super sense of humor.

He was fearless.

And he defeated villains regularly.

One day, while being hauled away, the hero's arch nemesis shouted, “You don’t really have any super powers, you know!"

These words cast a spell on him.

The next day, the hero didn’t feel super anymore.  

He felt… normal.

He tried to use his super strength, and it ran out.  

His super speed wasn’t quite fast enough.

And his super sense of humor, failed.  Painfully.

Fortunately, he had his young Super Friends.

They weren’t under the arch nemesis’ spell, and they were happy to help the hero.

They were strong when he was weak.

They were fast when he was slow.

And they were funny when he… wasn’t.

They were fearless and and they defeated villains regularly.

One day, a league of villains tricked and captured the hero’s friends.

Leaving the hero all alone.

He had to save them.

But he was still weak, still slow, and his sense of humor was still quite lame.

He couldn’t even remember what it felt like to be strong, fast, and funny. He was fearful.

But he still loved his friends.

And because he loved them, he didn’t stop trying to save them.

He wasn’t very strong, but he was strong enough.

He wasn’t very fast, but he was fast enough.

He wasn’t very funny, but he was …kind of funny.

He was able to defeat the villains and rescue his friends.

Because he loved them.
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